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Teddy Bear Cake

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I've received a lot of comments about this cake so decided to share some information for those wanting to try. I am a complete amateur to baking so if I can do it so can you.

We recently celebrated our little girl's first birthday and had a teddy bear picnic theme. Due to not as many people being able to attend I didn't go all out as I planned initially but below you'll see my dessert table, not fully completed.

For the recipe, I have an amazing 'go to' that everyone raves on about. It's a vanilla cake and you can grab the recipe here . I also used the icing listed here and all the portions were the right amount with icing left over. You can obviously use whatever recipe you wish but I guarantee you will love this one!

I iced the light brown area's first as you'll see below, then the heart then the eyes. I piped the rest with Wilton piping attachment 233. My piping is definitely not the best and I've seen it done in many other ways but I didn't spend the time learning the correct technique.

Decorating probably took nearly two hours including being interrupted by my lovely two children and I wasn't going at a fast speed. I cooked and decorated the cake the day before the party so I wasn't rushed and it was still fresh and held really well.

Besides the ingredients listed in the cake recipe I used the following items:

Purchases (Click on the Amazon link to go to product):

  • Wilton Teddy Bear Cake tin -

  • Wilton Multi-Opening Piping Tip, Multi-coloured, 418-233

  • Piping kit, if you don't already have a piping kit there are plenty to choose from on Amazon - This one has the 233 attachment included -

  • Brown food colouring -

  • Black food colouring

Any questions, please comment below!

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